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Distance learning can be used for education when in-classroom experiences are not possible, but it can also be much more to students' learning experience. By implementing distance learning, students can develop valuable self-directed learning skills, become more adept at identifying problems, and strengthen critical-thinking skills through application. 


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Learn valuable tips and tricks from industry professionals on navigating a virtual classroom in this engaging video series.

Distance Learning Tips for Success

Download sample assignments, exercises, projects, and more to see what CDX Online has to offer.

Sample Distance Learning Resources


CDX Online

Complete with robust online components, CDX Online is the perfect resource to implement digital instruction and add distance and remote learning solutions to your curriculum. To learn more about our resources for your classroom, click the option for Online Access on many of our product catalog pages

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Distance Learning Tips for Success

 Learn some tips and tricks from industry professionals on navigating a virtual classroom in this engaging video series.


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Embracing Video Conferencing

With distance learning more prevalent than ever before, you're likely relying on video conferencing to meet with colleagues, teach classes, and perhaps even to train your students. To ensure you are set up for success on your next video call, we've put together some tips and tricks to help you master this essential medium. Watch the video to the left to learn more.

Instructor Support

In addition to giving your students your email address, there are additional strategies to utilize when offering support and assistance to a virtual classroom. Establishing virtual office hours, or consistent times when you will be online to answer questions or review material, is one way to efficiently offer your support. Watch the video to the right to learn more.

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HubSpot Video

Consistent Communication

If students aren’t attending class in person, keeping them regularly informed can help maintain their engagement. With routine check-ins and consistent messaging, students are reminded that there is someone on the other side of the screen. Watch the video to the left learn more.

Goals and Assessment

With virtual learning, it’s critical to keep the student’s performance level as a constant conversation between the student and instructor from the beginning of a course to the end. Ongoing communication throughout a semester about goals, progress, and assessment can help maximize student engagement and drive students to push further in class. Watch the video to the right to learn more.

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Distance Learning Exercises 

 Download and sample assignments, exercises, projects, and more to see what CDX Online has to offer.

60K Service


HVAC Assignment


Relay Circuits

DL03 Laptop Image

Disc Brake Rotor Measurement

DL04 Laptop Image

Brake Inspection and Service

DL05_Laptop Image

Engine Performance Case Studies


Composite Vehicle Diagnosis

DL07_Laptop Image

Precision Measuring—Valves and Pistons

DL09_Laptop Image

DMM Experiments, Part I

DL08_Laptop Image

DMM Experiments, Part II

DL13_Laptop image

Battery Load Test

DL10_Laptop Image

HVAC Component Identification Presentation

DL11_Laptop Image

Kahoot! Quizzes - Steering and Suspension

DL12_Laptop Screen

Alignment Angle Inspections

DL14_Laptop Image

Discussion Forum- ASE 0

DL15_Laptop Image

Brake Diagnostic Scenarios Presentation

DL16_Laptop Image

Vehicle Inspection

DL17_Laptop Image

Engine Mechanical Testing

DL18_Laptop Image

DIN Wiring Diagram Diagnostics

DL19_Laptop Image

Kahoot! Quizzes - Braking Systems

DL20_Laptop Image

Ohm’s Law/Electrical Testing

DL21_Laptop Image

Oxygen Sensor & Fuel Trim Inspection

DL22_Laptop Image

Horn Circuit Fault 1-9

DL23_Laptop Image

DTC Activity

DL24_Laptop Image

Charging System Testing and Diagnosis

DL25_Laptop Image-1

Suspension Inspection

DL26_Laptop Image

Fuel System Test

DL27_Laptop Image

Starter Circuit Diagnosis – Part 1

DL28_Laptop Image

Drive Axle Service

DL29_Laptop Image

Gear Ratio Calculations

DL30_Laptop Image

Advanced Starter Circuit Diagnosis – Part 2

DL31_Laptop Image

Drum Inspection

DL32_Laptop Image

Engine Component Failure Identification

DL33_Laptop Image


Planetary Gear Set

DL34_Laptop Image

Power Steering Systems 1

DL35_Laptop Image

Engine Performance Diagnostic Scenarios

DL36_Laptop Image

Metric Brake Rotor Measurement

DL37_Laptop Image

Tire Identification and Sizing

DL38_Laptop Image

Fuel Trim Diagnosis

DL39_Laptop Image

Multiple Countershaft Powerflow

DL40_Laptop Image

Power Steering Systems 2

DL41_Laptop Image

Kahoot! Quizzes - Air Conditioning

DL42_Laptop Image

Circuit Tracing

DL43_Laptop Image

Metric Brake Drum Inspection

DL44_Laptop Image


Kahoot! Quizzes - Engine Repair

DL46_Laptop Image

Kahoot! Quizzes - Automatic Transmission and Transaxle

DL48_Laptop Image